Linking the finest talents with leading business establishments is matchmaking at its best. And at AV MANAGEMENT SERVICES PVT LTD, we have transformed it into an art worth emulating. Blending the needs of recruiters with the desires of job aspirants, AV MANAGEMENT SERVICES PVT LTD provides a platform where both sides come closer; get to know each other better and thus make informed decisions.

Mr.Awanish Kumar Pandey the Founder of AV MANAGEMENT SERVICES PVT LTD, honed his skills, first of all by working with one of the most renowned organizations of the recruitment industry and later gained profound industry insight a result of closely working with some of the leading corporations in the Middle East. It goes with saying that He has applied the same high principles and values in the daily operations of AV MANAGEMENT SERVICES PVT LTD.

AV MANAGEMENT SERVICES PVT LTD has been approved by Ministry OF External Affairs, Government of India. Our Registration number is B-0027/MUM/COM/1000+ /5/7952/2007 valid till 30.12.2022.



I entered the industry with an aim to cater to human resource requirements of organizations worldwide and gradually became adept at providing quality services to client organizations. Personally, I believe a client organization should always be 100% satisfied from the services it receives.

Considering this, I ensure my clients are always content with my company's services. I also emphasize on constant innovation as this paves the way for future success. I keep encouraging my employees from time to time to come up with innovative ideas and follow new trends in the market, as all of this enhances overall productivity.

Lastly, I have always maintained "Let your work speak for itself".

As a group of people working for organizational goals, my team believes in excellence and settles for nothing less than it. Nurturing decade-old ties and maintaining and taking forward the new ones, have become the norms of the organization.

Taking care of the client in the most professional manner and simultaneously offering prospective candidate his dream job, is what we strive to achieve day in day out, all round the year. We adhere to our morals and values such as personal-level client interaction and long-term relationship with the client organization, irrespective of its size and location.